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According to Gartner mobile device sales have grown by 445million 2015, that is in excess of 4 billion devices around the world. This represents a staggering number of potential customers your business could be promoting its products and services to with the right mobile application. Mobile applications save companies thousands day in day out. Apps are streamlining and speeding up critical business processes while also creating more attractive and safer workplaces. Mobile systems are eliminating duplication, reducing errors and avoiding tedious manual data processing. Whatever your specific business to business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) goals Mobilise IT is your partner in developing, delivering and supporting all of your mobile application requirements …

All in One

Today’s enterprises face considerable technical difficulties in the development, deployment and management of enterprise mobile apps because traditional application and development tools and methodologies do not cope with the proliferation of mobile operating system platforms. This creates inherent security and management challenges within each mobile device. This is due to the narrow focus of each technology on specific capabilities or features and operating environments. What our competitors typically provide as ‘options or extras’ Mobilise IT deliver as standard. This includes offline business as usual operation (for when there is no telco coverage), zero data loss, full transaction auditing, defence grade security and cloud ready deployment.

Features at a glance

Native Application
  • Device Targeted
  • Full API Access
  • App Store
Cross Platform
  • Cross Platform Native
  • Cross Platform Browser (No App Store)
  • Cross platform Containerised
  • Limited Apple, Android & Windows Phone Feature Access
  • App Store

World Class App Development

Mobilise IT provides world-class application development to suit your unique business needs. We are technically proficient in each core mobile operating system platform across the Microsoft, Google and Apple infrastructure technology stack. We architect, build and deliver Enterprise Mobility apps for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android, Blackberry RIM and Windows Phone platforms.

Attracting the best and brightest

As a highly sought-after employer, Mobilise IT has the luxury of choosing the best and brightest software developers both locally and internationally. We fully support our developers to undergo regular product training and obtain all available Apple, Microsoft, Google and Blackberry certifications.

Enviable reputation

Mobilise IT’s proud reputation for delivering well-architected large scale projects on time, with all requirements met, is second to none. With our unique approach to the development process, this reputation is not surprising and we work hard to maintain it.

Thanks to our enterprise class design, workflow and UML tools such as Enterprise Architect, we thrive on easily developing apps to suit any need. Our Agile approach to development based on the SCRUM process allows us to efficiently and effectively manage our software development projects and software maintenance teams, ensuring your ROI is never compromised.

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