Mobile Infrastructure Services

Mobility in the enterprise is about security and trust, guaranteeing that the efficiency, productivity and innovation gains mobile computing has to offer are realised by our customers and not lost in compliance and red tape. Our Mobile Infrastructure Services team have the expertise, services and tools to architect an infrastructure solution that can securely and efficiently scale from 1 to 1000’s of devices, 100’s of mobile applications, confidently allowing the power of our customers data and applications to be accessed wherever and whenever needed by their mobile workforce. Transitioning their productivity and behaviour pattern from reactive to real-time.

Mobile Infrastructure Framework

Enterprise mobility has evolved from a single and mostly proprietary mobile device management (MDM) application, Enterprise Mobility Management through to a mature Mobile Infrastructure as a service framework that encompasses a wide range of mobile technology, cloud and as a Service capability, when pieced together correctly deliver an enterprise mobile framework for organisations to efficiently deploy 1-1000s of devices and 100s applications. Recent Gartner studies show that “Mobility is ranked in the top three technology priorities for most CIOs today”, CIOs who see the potential to leverage mobility to better run, grow and transform their organisations. Indeed, whatever your Enterprise Mobile Infrastructure Service requirements are, Mobilise IT is your partner in ensuring your business objectives are achieved with logic and proven methodology.

Features at a glance

Hardware & Device Services
  • MDM Infrastructure Hosting
  • MDM Infrastructure Management
  • MDM Licence Procurement
  • MDM Moves Add Changes
Hardware & Device Services
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Application Security Wrapping
  • Application Catalogue Management
  • Shadow IT

Configured to your exact specifications

The mothership of Enterprise Mobility, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software creates a secure, synchronised mobile working environment for your business. Distribute, organise and control your employees’ smartphones, tablets and laptops through EMM to ensure you ROI is never compromised. Our experienced staff guide you through the planning, implementation and configuration of your EMM software, ensuring the solution meets the exact mobility needs of your business.

Moving with the times

Smartphones and tablets have transformed the way we communicate in our personal lives, and these same technologies are now expected in the workplace. To meet this growing demand, your IT systems need EMM solutions to provide the technology your staff want, while maintaining the integrity and security of your data.

Taking care of each step

Mobilise IT has the expertise and capability to manage your Enterprise Mobility Management strategy from start to finish.


We help you plan, purchase and configure the most suitable devices and applications for your business.


We ensure your strategy is fully compliant with all our technology partners.


We enable encryption, enforce device passcode and can remotely remove all corporate data if the device is lost/stolen.


We assist your IT departments to troubleshoot mobile device issues through inventory, analytics and invoking remote actions.

Help when you need it

With Mobilise IT, you’re never left alone to manage complex EMM software issues. Our trained and experienced staff can assist in training, troubleshooting and issue resolution so you can get on with the job of running your business.

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