Mobile Managed Services


Our Managed Mobility Services enable organisations with expert resources, services and tools to transition users from legacy to mobile computing fast, seamlessly and with confidence. We augment our capability, resources and technology to that of our customers, so that they take full advantage of the BY/CYOD explosion and its benefits. An organisation that can move in sync with the proliferation of devices and their inherent minute by minute change, whilst importantly and at all times delivering on their internal and external customer service and support charter.

Real Time Pulse Service

Mobilise IT Managed Service Customers have access to our world class mConcierge Platform and mConcierge mobile technology which provides a real-time pulse between the company and their mobile workforce. Customers have access to real-time assets, services desk, and ICT expense and cost management. Available for Apple, Android, Windows Phone & Windows Desktop Devices (Windows 7+)

Features at a glance


Expense Management
  • Bill Processing & Upload
  • Cost Audits & Allocation
  • Dispute & Contract Management
  • Fleet Optimisation
  • Budget & Forecasting
Reporting & Analytics
  • Workflow Automation Engine
  • Carrier Integration
  • ERP & MIS Integration
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
Licence & Subscriptions
  • Software Licence Management
  • Cloud Subscription Management
  • Compliance & Consolidation
  • White & Blacklist
Procurement & Orders
  • Product & Services Catalogue
  • Custom Sourcing
  • Approval Workflow & Management
  • Order Creation
Staging & Logistics
  • Device Staging
  • Device SOE
  • Mass Deployments
  • APJ Logistics & Tracking
  • VIP Services
Service Desk
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Service Desk 24/7/365
  • Product & Services Catalogue
  • Device & Application Support
  • EMM/Carrier MAC’s

Fulfil your mobile strategy potential

Your mobile technology investment requires a set of specialised services, designed to overcome the day-to-day usability barriers, to really make a difference to your business. Managed Mobility Services (MMS) help you effectively plan, procure, provision, activate, manage and support mobile devices, network services, management systems, mobile applications and application stores.

Ask the specialists

Most businesses don’t have, and don’t need to have, the internal capability to manage Enterprise Mobility. Mobilise IT specialises in delivering all of these services and more, so you don’t have to.

Every aspect covered

Mobilise IT also takes care of mobility-related business administration tasks such as expense management, asset management and logistics. We manage device recycling, return materials authorization management, ordering and provisioning. Managing multiple service providers or the use of third-party multi-sourcing management tools/services can be a nightmare for business owners. Mobilise IT takes the stress out of Enterprise Mobility by offering a one-stop service solution for your entire mobile computing hardware and software lifecycle.

Rapid Issue Resolution

We install mConcierge Intelligent Agent into your IT systems. By delivering data to the Mobilise IT Support Desk, our team can respond with the most effective and efficient solution.

We use the latest MMS2.0 technology to rapidly diagnose the problem and deliver the exact resolution to a user’s issue. In addition, MMS2.0 accurately extracts information from the user’s device to proactively signal any issues as they arise. Communication from our Support Desk to your staff member through instant messaging allows everyone to stay on top of the issues

CYOD or BYOD, it doesn’t matter

Mobilise IT also supports your business’ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices. We offer Service Desk and Help Desk capabilities to address users’ technical requests for corporate-liable devices, such as Level 2 and Level 3 Help Desk, for both CYOD and BYOD users.

Fixed Price, Per User, Per Month

Mobilise IT offers an affordable solution for your Enterprise Mobility strategy needs. With a fixed price per user per month pricing system, your managed mobile support is easily controlled, budgeted and accounted for.

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